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Dress for the Job!

Dress to Impress

Project your personality through the clothes you wear

By Patricia Sturla

I, as owner and director of a modeling and acting promotion agency and school, work on a daily basis with individuals who need to make a memorable impression. The importance of wardrobe in combination with personality and talent is emphasized, but it is important to realize that, upon first impression, some people pay more attention to style than other important qualities in a person.

At the Patricia Sturla Studio, I cover all areas of the business with my clients. From personal development to speaking in public. At my studio we train as well as promote actors and models. As the only center in California that specializes in working with Latinos and the Latino market, we fill a niche that makes many of our clients successful. Those we represent include the host of the show Control on Univision, models appearing in Seventeen magazine ads, and actors in television and radio commercials.

When I counsel an individual about how to impress, I tell them it is important to know our bodies and study its parts, so that we know what we would like to emphasize or conceal eg.: large bust, short waist or abdomen. Another important physical trait to understand about ourselves is our skin tone. Our skin is either cool or warm, regardless of our race. If your skin has rosy or pink undertones, you will look better in cool colors. If you have golden or apricot undertones, warm yellow-based colors will flatter you. Your best colors will also complement your natural hair and eye tones.

Sixty percent of a person's reaction to any situation is based on color, and learning to harness the tremendous power of color can work to your advantage. In general, for conservative situations, the best colors to wear are navy blue, gray, beige and other subtle colors. If yours is a less traditional and more creative company, attention-getting yellow can be a very good choice.

Not everyone can afford Donna Karan or Giorgio Armani suits, that is why it is important to shop for separates that will impress for their fabrics and style and will rival the most expensive suit on the market. Neutral colors are essential for the person who cannot afford a large wardrobe, because they are easier to combine. Usually pants or skirts that are of a low-key color can be fearlessly mixed with shine, glam and even subtle glitter.

In general, some things to consider when choosing wardrobe:

1) Quality over quantity. A large wardrobe won't necessarily make you a fashion guru, but owning the right pieces that will complement each other will.
2) Fabric. Choose natural fibers, cotton, wool and silk.
3) Fashion. Stay up-to-date and be savvy not trendy.
4) Individuality. Dress for you and only you, and enjoy expressing yourself through your clothes.

Patricia Sturla is director of "Patricia Sturla Studio" an acting and modeling promotion company. 
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