specializes in joining the hispanic bilingual professional with companies looking for DIVERSITY in the workplace.
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Community outreach to schools and youth leadership programs also are a part of NIST's diversity efforts. "We encourage kids to stay in school, go to college and seek scholarship opportunities," says Eaton. Other avenues for outreach include NIST participation in science fairs, providing guest speakers to schools and a staff volunteer program for assisting students with class assignments or projects "We even have ‘shadowing programs' where students can come and follow a NIST professional for half a day, learning firsthand about what the job is like," Eaton adds.

Diversity at NIST has been successful, Eaton says, because her endeavors have been solidly supported by NIST administrators and employees, including thousands of staff volunteer hours to make them a reality. "It's like Gandhi used to say, ‘If we want to change the world, we have to start with each one of us' and NIST folks take that to heart when it comes to diversity," Eaton says

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