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The Kennedy School offers the depth, reflection, insight, and excellence of ideas and teaching that can really make a difference that make an impact on people and their daily lives and advance the public interest.

The John F. Kennedy School of Government is a professional school within Harvard University, dedicated to learning through research and experience, actively fostering the collaborative efforts of scholars, public officials, and others who are vitally concerned with the public good. In the words of Dean Joseph S. Nye, "Our mission is to strengthen democratic governance around the world by training people for public leadership and by helping to solve problems of public policy." The Kennedy School's 16,000 graduates from over 120 countries have headed governments on five continents. In the United States, alumni have held cabinet-level positions and served as senior advisors to every American president since Franklin Roosevelt. Graduates currently serve in both houses of Congress. Other alumni play important roles in state and local government, or help to guide the activities of private and non-profit organizations, particularly where they interact with the public sector.
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