specializes in joining the hispanic bilingual professional with companies looking for DIVERSITY in the workplace.
Hispanic employment service for jobs, workforce diversity, free resume postings

Diversity and Recruiting are our specialty.
Find Bilingual Professionals at our resume pool.

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Add, delete or update job postings.

Job Postings with a click of your mouse! Via our secure sql database you can log in with your own self-created login and password. Update or create job postings quickly and easily.

Enter the qualifications and pertinent information to fill your positions. This ensures you will get qualified candidates to review and interview at your convenience. This tool is used to screen applicants and fill your positions with the best and brightest college degreed bilingual professionals.

This simple process has helped many companies find qualified bilingual professional candidates for their positions.

Job Posting Instructions

Step 1: Create a Login and Password. Jot down this password for future reference if you want to change, edit or delete the posting. If you are creating multiple job postings, the login can remain the same, but the password on each must change. It can be a minor change i.e; Acme1, Acme2, etc…

Step 2: Fill out the appropriate fields. You may cut and paste your job posting. When finished click “Submit Job Listing” and you're done.

If you have a problem submitting your job posting, be sure that all required fields are entered. If entry is not applicable, just insert a letter or dot.

Step 3: If you need to update/delete your job posting, navigate to this page to edit sql/job-edit.htm enter your password and login. If you have forgotten it you may click for an email reminder.

If you are inputting a website address you must use http://www.yoursite format if you want the hyperlink to work. (using only www will not link it)

Call or email if you need further assistance. (800) 748.6426

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