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Omaha PD

Salary and Benefits Annual salary range for Omaha Police Department Officers in 2007: $36,347--$57,549. Wide range of benefits includes:

       • Flexible Benefit Plan including Health, Dental, and Life Insurance
       • Premium pay for officers who are assigned specialty positions
       • Bilingual pay for those officers who qualify
       • Pension Retirement System
       • Generous vacation and sick leave accrual
       • An advanced educational incentive for all eligible members of the Police          Department who have completed two (2) years of service with the Omaha          Police Department. Each officer who has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree          shall receive an additional $31.68 per pay period. Each officer who has          obtained a Master’s Degree shall receive an additional $36.96 per pay          period
       • Many additional benefits (see website for more)

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