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Peerless Pump Company

Peerless Pump Company was originally founded near Los Angeles, California in 1923. The first pumps manufactured by Peerless were designed to irrigate local orange groves. They later produced horizontal end suction pumps Models PB & PE from a Canton, Ohio facility. In 1946, the current Indianapolis Plant was purchased from the US Army. Soon after, Peerless enters the horizontal split case market with the A, TU & TUT pumps. 

In 1994 Peerless purchased the LaBour Pump Company in Elkhart, Indiana. LaBour is a producer of Chemical Process Pumps known for their high alloy expertise world wide. By the fall of that year all production of LaBour products are moved to the Selma, Alabama location and engineering is relocated to Indianapolis. Also in this year the California operation is moved from Montebello, California to Indianapolis consolidating all of the Peerless Product in one facility. 

Peerless continues to innovate and looks forward to a new century of being one of the world leaders of Fire Pumps & Packages and Vertical Turbine Pumps. Building on over 75 years of experience, Peerless has the experience to meet any customer requirements.