specializes in joining the hispanic bilingual professional with companies looking for DIVERSITY in the workplace.
Colorado Permanente Careers
Permanente Medicine is an ethics and values based system of organizing and delivering high quality heath care at affordable prices. CPMG medicine is the product of the following principles: group responsibility, self-governance, self-management, quality medicine, Permanente patient relationship and resource management. This value-based system continues to drive and inspire our physicians and leaders.

The National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA) rates CPMG among the top 15 health care organizations in the nation. Our 2002 Physician Satisfaction survey shows that when asked if they would recommend CPMG for health care to a friend, 98% answered "yes," and 96% of our physicians would rejoin CPMG if the decision were made today. The Denver Business Journal sited a survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates, which reported that Kaiser Permanente Colorado was the only health care organization in the Denver area whose members have a high level of customer satisfaction and received "particularly high marks" from its members.
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