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Audit - Media Research Assurance Services - Experienced Staff

Location: Tampa, FL
Job Field: Technology & Security Risk Services

Ernst & Young is a leading provider of assurance services to organizations that rely on television, radio, print, and Internet audience measurement. Our firm has been providing these services for over 35 years. Ernst & Young has been engaged by the Media Rating Council, Inc. (MRC), the regulatory organization responsible for the quality of media measurement in the United States. The MRC membership is comprised of "blue chip" media companies including television networks, advertising agencies, magazine publishers, and other associations.

Ernst & Young performs examinations of a company's compliance with standards established by the MRC. These examinations relate to the key processes of media measurement including sample selection, data collection, editing and tabulation of information, and client software. E&Y conducts these examinations using professionals that specialize full-time in providing media measurement-related services.

Within E&Y's Media Research Assurance Services (MRAS), which is a part of out Technology & Security Risk Services (TSRS) practice, we are currently seeking a Staff professional to participate in multiple client engagement teams and other related activities.

Demonstrate professionalism and competence in the client's environment. Maintain a strong client focus, be responsive to client requests, and develop/maintain productive working relationships with client personnel. Stay informed of current business/economic developments relevant to the client's business. Develop people through teamwork, integrity, and leadership. Collaborate with team members to set goals and responsibilities.

Contribute ideas/opinions to the audit teams and listen/respond to other team members' views.

Use technology to continually learn, share knowledge with team members, and enhance service delivery.

Bring potential opportunities to the team's attention. Seek, develop, and present ideas to apply E&Y's services.

Candidates should hold a current CPA license, or should be pursuing CPA status.

To qualify, candidates must have:

  • An undergraduate or graduate degree in accounting, and/or an undergraduate or graduate degree with sufficient course work to achieve CPA certification upon passing the examination

  • A minimum of 1-4 years of related experience as an auditor

  • Advanced written and verbal communication skills

  • A strong dedication to teamwork

  • Integrity within a professional environment

  • Bilingual skills (Spanish or Portuguese) are beneficial but not required

  • Qualified candidates must also be actively preparing to pass the CPA examination.

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    Executive Assistant I - Experienced

    Location: Miami, FL
    Job Field: Office Services & Administration

    The Executive Assistant provides full and diversified secretarial and administrative support of a responsible nature to client serving partner(s) and other key management personnel. This professional utilizes broad and comprehensive experience, skills and knowledge in organizational policies, procedures and practices. The Executive Assistant also serves as a facilitator who may coordinate deadlines and either handles them directly, or through others, handles project coordination and completion.

    Work in document preparation and management, including formatting and editing letters, reports and all other correspondence from the draft stage to client-ready work.

    Develop and edit complex business documents from limited information with guidance.

    Understand services the firm/practice provides. Add value by recognizing clients and client-serving personnel, and understanding the work the engagement/practice does and how they do it.

    Within E&Y's Media Research Assurance Services (MRAS), which is a part of out Technology & Security Risk Services (TSRS) practice, we are currently seeking a Staff professional to participate in multiple client engagement teams and other related activities.

    Act as a liaison between senior management and clients/colleagues to facilitate work and accomplish objectives in a collaborative effort.

    Understand the client engagement management process and ensure compliance of time and expense tracking/reporting.

    Utilize in-depth knowledge of the internal financial coding structure. Learn to interpret firm internal operating financial reports.

    Coordinate meetings and make arrangements for conferences, meetings and events.

    Understand and utilize firm standard technical equipment, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Lotus Notes and other relevant software.

    Manage the calendar with guidance by establishing a systematic approach for oneself and others to track time commitments and the completion of tasks.

    Schedule appointments, confirm changes or delays, and make necessary changes, with guidance as necessary.

    Coordinate and plan domestic and international travel arrangements, and recommend the most cost-effective itineraries.

    The incumbent of this position must have (be):

  • Bilingual in English/Spanish

  • A Bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience

  • 5-7 years of related experience

  • Initiative and a strong customer service focus

  • The ability to improve standardized best practices and service deliveries to accomplish firm, group, customer and/or individual goals

  • The ability to meet new challenges with an open mind and an optimistic response

  • The ability to effectively manage/coordinate simultaneous projects, and successfully prioritize multiple tasks with good judgment

  • Unwavering attention and adherence to the firm's values and principles

  • A working knowledge of the firm's structure, key personnel and organizational policies and procedures, as well as a functional knowledge of a professional services environment

  • Proficiency in standardized software and hardware applications, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Lotus Notes

    This professional must be available for overtime, as needed, and must have an excellent attendance and punctuality record.

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