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Diversity at NIST Encompasses Many Programs

Sol del Ande Eaton is the director of diversity programs at NIST's Office of Administration. It is her job to raise awareness about diversity resources, education and opportunities available at the agency. "With that level of diversity, our managers have to be skilled at blending people from different cultures and backgrounds into smooth-running, cohesive teams," says Eaton. Her efforts encourage mangers to apply strategies that maximize the skills, creativity and accomplishments of all employees in their charge. Communication, she says, is the key to understanding, respecting and valuing each other's physical, cultural and social differences.

Eaton's office assists each of NIST's organizational units in the development and implementation of a diversity plan that addresses five policy objectives: recruitment, outreach, retention, staff development and organizational culture. Additionally, she organizes educational programs, workshops, guest speakers and special emphasis projects for NIST staff on a variety of diversity topics. Several mentoring programs are also available, even for non-scientific and support staff. “Our mentoring program can help people gain a broader knowledge of NIST and how it operates, so that they will broaden their chances for advancement within its walls.”

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