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Most jobs with RPSC are in Antarctica for four to six months during the austral summer field season which extends from October to February. The majority of U.S. Antarctic Program participants work at McMurdo Station for the summer season. Others work at South Pole and Palmer Station or on vessels in the area. A few jobs are located at the domestic office (Centennial, CO) and may not require deployment.

Wintering personnel usually stay for eight to twelve months from October through October. In addition to the environmental challenges of the Antarctic continent, the working conditions present their own challenges. Schedules are often hard to keep due to unpredictable weather and difficulties associated with transportation and communications. Six- to seven-day work weeks are the rule. Housing for most participants is in dormitory-style rooms with roommates and shared bathroom facilities.

Personnel supporting remote camps spend significant time in the field. There also are opportunities to live aboard ship in support of marine research. Work environments are driven by job locations and responsibilities.

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